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The seriousness of waste problems is on the rise due to a surge in the amount of waste generated, attributed mainly to economic development in Sri Lanka. This is one of the top priority issues for most of the local authorities because they are responsible for executing solid waste management. The establishment of NSWMSC, which assists local authorities to improve the solid waste management problems, was therefore recommended by THE STUDY ON IMPROVEMENT OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN SECONDARY CITIES which was conducted by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in 2002 and 2003. Keeping the seriousness of the issue in mind, the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils established the National Solid Waste Management Support Center (NSWMSC) in 2007 to meet these difficult problems head-on.
We works hard to create a more beautiful and prosperous society for all people in Sri Lanka through improving solid waste management.
“ More Comfortable Environment for All ”
NSWMSC promotes the following strategy in line with the National SWM Strategy.
1st  : Waste Minimization
2nd : Maximum Resource Recovery
         2-1: Segregation of waste at generation sources for resource recovery.
         2-2: Home composting of biodegradable waste by residents.
         2-3: Centralized composting of biodegradable waste from the town centre by LA.
         2-4: Strengthening the social capacity to support a recycling system.
3rd : Sanitary Landfill. The residual waste, following the implementation of reduce, reuse, recycle and composting methods, is appropriately disposed of in order to minimize negative environmental and health impacts.
1. Maximum utilization of locally available technologies to make the project sustainable.
2. Mobilization of all important existing resources, such as experienced human resources,     citizens, donors, NGOs, and social capital.
3. More focus on the operation and maintenance aspect to make new projects more     sustainable.
4. Pay sufficient attention to social and environmental impacts and building a consensus for a     project before it is implemented.
5. Create only one project for a target local authority which suits local conditions, considering     fully its capacity.
1. Provide a variety of manuals and guidelines to facilitate local authorities to implement          proper SWM.
2. Provide a variety of technical assistance on solid waste management to local authorities.
3. Collect and study information on the current SWM practices and the practices in local     authorities,as well as     those in foreign countries. NSWMSC then provides this useful     information to local authorities.
4. Facilitate local authorities to get technical and financial assistance from NGOs and donors
Local Authorities can request details on:
    1. How to eliminate scattered waste in towns.
    2. How to improve the efficiency of the waste collection system.
    3. How to improve our waste disposal site.
    4. How to gain citizen cooperation for solid waste management.
    5. Assistance in formulating a long-term, comprehensive solid waste management plan to         establish a sound system.
Construction and Improvement of Environmental Preservation Centers
On-Going Projects
1. Wennappuwa Pradeshiya Sabha, North Western Province
2. Embilipitiya Urban Council, Sabaragamuwa Province
3. Rathnapura Municipal Council – Sabaragamuwa Province
4. Talawa Pradeshiya Sabha – North Central Province
5. Buttala Pradeshiya Sabha – Uva Province
6. Monaragala Pradeshiya Sabha – Uva Province

Completed Projects
1. Nawalapitiya Urban Council, Central Province
2. Kuliyapitiya Urban Council, North Western Province
3. Marata Municipal Council, Southern Province
4. Badulla Municipal Council, Uva Province
5. Tangalle Urban Council, Southern Province
6. Allawwa Pradeshiya Sabha, North Western Province
7. Anamaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha, North Western Province
8. Chilaw Pradeshiya Sabha, North Western Province
9. Yatiyantota Pradeshiya Sabha – Sabaragamuwa Province

Construction of Night Soil Treatment Plants
On-Going Projects
There are no ongoing Projects
Completed Projects
1. Balangoda Urban Council, Sabaragamuwa Province
2. Kuliyapitiya Urban Council, North Western Province
3. Tangalle Urban Council, Southern Province
Improvement of Landfill Site
On-Going Projects
There are no ongoing Projects
Completed Projects
1. Allawwa Pradeshiya Sabha, North Western Province
2. Haldummulla Pradeshiya Sabha, Uva Province
Distribution of Machineries and Vehicles
Distribution of Bell Equipments
Distribution of Compost Bins and Waste Bins

Establishment of Collecting Centers at Schools

1. Kesbawa UC 01 School
2. Kuliyapitiya UC 02 Schools
3. Katunayake Seeduwa UC 01 Schools
4. Balangoda UC 10 Schools
5. Weeraketiya PS 01 Schools
6. Kundasale PS 01 Schools
7. Pathahewaheta PS 02 Schools

- Composting Manual
- Design Manual
- Operation Manual
- Fund Manual
- PPP Manual
- Project Implementation Manual
- Monitoring and Evaluation
- Guideline for selection of LAs

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